Our fee information

LCPExchange has a fee structure as indicated in the below table:

Currency Minimum trading balance Deposit fee Minimum balance (* see notes) Minimum withdraw at once Withdrawal fee otherwise High withdraw (* requires approval)
Litecoin Plus 0.0002 LCP 0.0000 LCP 1.0000 LCP 1.0000 LCP 0.00020000 LCP 10,000.0000 LCP
Bitcoin 0.00020000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.00005000 BTC 0.00100000 BTC 7.50% 0.10000000 BTC
Litecoin 0.00020000 LTC 0.00000000 LTC 0.00100000 LTC 0.00004000 LTC 5.00% 10.00000000 LTC
Dogecoin 0.2 DOGE 0.0 DOGE 1,500.0 DOGE 20.0 DOGE 5.00% 300,000.0 DOGE
BitBar 0.000200 BTB 0.000000 BTB 1.000000 BTB 1.000000 BTB 3.30000000 BTB 300.000000 BTB
BitGem 0.000200 BTG 0.000000 BTG 1.000000 BTG 1.000000 BTG 3.30000000 BTG 300.000000 BTG
BitcoinFast 100.00 BCF 0.00 BCF 10.00 BCF 10.00 BCF 10.00% 100,000.00 BCF
FlutterCoin 100.0000 FLT 0.0000 FLT 10.0000 FLT 10.0000 FLT 10.00% 100,000.0000 FLT
Bitcoin sCrypt 100.0000 BTCS 0.0000 BTCS 10.0000 BTCS 100.0000 BTCS 10.00% 100,000.0000 BTCS

Minimum balance note: the minimum balance is a minimum value that you cannot go below (balance) while withdrawing each of the crypto-currency, as shown in the table. This is a safety until the exchange is deemed 100% safe and bug free. It will most likely be reduced to zero or almost zero later on. This is done because we're used to to things the safe way. If you do not agree with this, you are invited to trade elsewhere or wait for the limit to be removed.

Regarding deposits, we do not charge any fees apart from the fees that your wallet charge when making the deposit itself. For withdrawals, the top currencies will get high fees in % per withdraw, while other less popular currencies will get around 20 USD equivalent, not in %. These fees will be updated constantly as the market changes. This high fees are necessary to avoid dumping at the own exchange. If dump does happen, at least the entire community can benefit from it, not only the dumper himself. The commission for the exchange is set at 0.2% each for the Buyer and Seller (0.3% for all BTC-based markets). These fees already include network fees for sending from wallet to wallet.

NOTE: regarding the fees for the major cyrpto, they are based on the market situation. The spirit of LCPExchange is not to lock the user up into an investment, instead is to create a healthy growth environment for everyone. If the crypto-currency market crashes down all together, we may just allow the users to withdraw other currencies at low or even no fee.